3 Greek restaurants in Belgrade Grilled octopus, retsina, souvlaki, and authentic gyros

Despite the fact that the main Greek fast food — gyros — enjoys extraordinary popularity in Serbia, the rest of the country’s cuisine remains relatively unexplored. Let’s correct this misunderstanding and talk about three restaurants serving authentic Greek cuisine in Belgrade (and what to try in them).

Words: Daniil Korzhuev
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Meze by Elliniko

A restaurant serving authentic Greek cuisine in New Belgrade. You don’t need to reserve a table — there’s always plenty of seating available at the spacious «Meze». While you wait for your dish, you can immerse yourself in the history of Greek cuisine — it’s extensively outlined on the placemats here. The menu at «Meze» is extensive — from classic grilled octopus and tzatziki to complex dishes like moscharaki kokkinisto (veal in tomato sauce) and bakaliaros skordalia — cod in batter with a delicate garlic sauce. And there’s also a wide selection of Greek cheeses here: feta, talagani, graviera, and halloumi.

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Mezestoran Dvorište

The Mediterranean cuisine restaurant «Mezestoran Dvoriste» has been featured in the Michelin Guide for the third year in a row. Besides its vibrant decor, let’s highlight the stunning terrace — cozy, green, with a charming mural depicting a mermaid. Greek cuisine plays one of the most prominent roles at «Mezestoran Dvoriste». The restaurant serves original Cretan dakos (rusks topped with tomatoes and feta cheese), Greek dip Fava, made with two kinds of lentils, Greek risotto with octopus and homemade spicy Cretan sausage, and, of course, Greek salad — with the best, according to the restaurant, Dodoni feta. We also come here for the authentic gyros — there is a variation with chicken and pork.

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An authentic Greek cuisine restaurant in Zemun (there is also a second location in New Belgrade). The interior is designed in white and blue tones, with ancient panoramas and olive trees on the walls throughout; occasionally, they even host parties with plate smashing (a traditional Greek custom). «Piatakia» in Zemun boasts a luxurious inner courtyard — we recommend sitting there. Go ahead and order local souvlaki (small kebabs on wooden skewers), Greek moussaka, or dolmades — the Greek version of dolma (sarma) with lemon and olive oil. And for drinks — a must-try Greek wine specialty — retsina.

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The Square

Modernist cuisine in a fashionable hotel


One of the most beautiful restaurants in New Belgrade