Museum of Nikola Tesla Modest exposition and urn with the ashes of a great scientist

Words: Elvira Ibragimova
Photo: Konstantin Kondrukhov

During his life, Tesla stayed in Belgrade a little more then one day (June 1, 1892 or  on May 17 according to the Julian Calendar ), however, after his death his personal belongings, including the library, as well as his remains were transported to Belgrade. The house, where the museum is located, initially belonged to the manufacturer and politician, George Genchich and used to be a residential building till 1940. The project of this house was created by the famous architect Dragisha Brashovan in 1927. The Tesla museum moved to this building in 1952. In addition to the personal items of Tesla and his inventions the museum demonstrates a film about Tesla, as well as interactive experiments.

Krunska 51 • 


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Salon 1905

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