5 French restaurants in Belgrade Where to find foie gras, onion soup, snails and creme brulee

After several years of leadership of Asian and Latin American flavours, French cuisine has returned to global fashion. We will tell you where to go in Belgrade to try exemplary croissants, onion soup, beef bourguignon and even lobster.

Words: Sasha Iordanov
Photos: promo

Puter Bistro

Very nice restaurant a step away from the Kalenich market. This is one of the few locations where they cook escargot with fragrant oil, garlic and herbs. Be sure to come here because of this dish in particular, but pay attention to other specialties: foie gras, onion soup, proper beef bourguignon and sumptuous crème brulée with a thin sugar crust, decorated with frozen raspberry “snow”.

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A restaurant of haute French cuisine, which has been headed by Chef Guillaume Iskander since its opening. Luxurious and proper French tartare, fish carpaccio, the famous rooster in wine ‘coq au vin’ and sumptuous (but really expensive) lobster are just some of the things worth going here for.

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Mali pijac

One of the main new wave restaurants in Belgrade, where classic French cuisine techniques are combined with the Serbian gastronomic tradition. We come here for excellent chicken liver pate, unusual beetroot tartare, seasonal nettle soup and, of course, excellent Nicoise salad with grilled tuna.

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Kod Francuza

One of the best shops of French cheeses and other delicacies in the city. There are two locations: a shop at the Kalenich market and a concept store in Old Town. It is worth going to the latter not only for shopping, but also to drink a cup of good coffee right on the spot and try local croissants, eclairs, quiches and bruschetta with goat cheese.

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Possibly the best French bakery in Belgrade. For sure one should come by here for exemplary croissants, macaroons, crispy tartine, focaccia with olives, and maybe breakfast with avocado toast and egg, homemade granola with berries or a sandwich.

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Mali Pijac

Gastro bistro, uniting Serbian and French traditions

Cveće Zla

Very bohemian project in the city center