National Museum Treasures of classical painting

Words: Elvira Ibragimova
Photo: Konstantin Kondrukhov

This building was given to the museum after the Second World War. Initially, it was constructed for the needs of a bank instead of the legendary restaurant «Dardanella», a place where actors, journalists, writers and artists spent time. Exactly because of the bank there are luxurious interiors with frescoes inside and a safe unit, which is used by the museum to store its numismatic collection. First of all, art lovers should go to the National Museum. It contains not only a pretty big for the region collection of Western European painting, but also a unique selection that demonstrates the development of Serbian painting from middle of the19th to the middle of the 20th centuries. In addition to painting, the National Museum also has items that help to better understand the history of the city and country, primarily archaeological finds. 

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