Faro Traditional domestic cuisine, customized in the trends of modern cooking

Words: Sasha Iordanov
Photo: Viktorija Burkina-Gordijenko

Faro occupies a separate villa building with a pretty spacious garden where the terrace and bar work in the summer. The restaurant itself is located on two floors. On the first there is a bar, a kitchen and an elegant dining space with white tablecloths, contemporary art on the walls. The second floor is more intimate and calm, it is divided into small halls and is perfect for a date or a friendly dinner. The chef Siniša Bastić (Sinisha Bastich) is responsible for the kitchen. While creating a menu, he was inspired by a traditional domestic cuisine, which is of course, customized in the trends of modern cooking. Most of the products that are used in Faro come from small farms or purchased directly on the local market.

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