Where to Eat Korean Cuisine in Belgrade 6 Places with Bibimbap, Kimbap, and Kimchi

Korean cuisine continues to conquer the world. In Belgrade alone, three new places have opened in the past year, and something tells us there will be even more in the future. Here’s where you can find meat and vegetarian bibimbap, tteokbokki (spicy Korean rice cakes), authentic kimchi, and Korean barbecue.

Words: Daniil Korzhuev
Photos: promo

Hashtag Seoul 

A small restaurant near Tašmajdan offering authentic Korean cuisine. The interior is quite minimalist — a South Korean flag over the entrance, a few hieroglyphs on the walls, and nothing superfluous, keeping the focus entirely on the food. At Hashtag Seoul, they make proper bibimbap — a Korean bowl with vegetables, a fried egg, and meat (here they add marinated beef slices, bulgogi), kimchi with rice and cucumbers, and the popular Korean fast food tteokbokki — rice cakes soaked in spicy and sweet gochujang paste.

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A cozy Korean-Japanese restaurant in Savski Venac, opened by a married couple living in Belgrade, Korean Lin and Japanese Soko. In her home country, Lin was a clothing designer, and her experience came in handy for the restaurant’s decor — the place turned out very minimalist and aesthetic. On the Korean side of the menu: luxurious kimbaps (the Korean version of rolls with rice and fillings), homemade kimchi, Korean omelet, chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce, and, of course, bibimbaps — with pork, beef, or completely vegetarian. Soon, they will launch a second floor where they will serve set menus featuring dishes from Korean court cuisine.

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A restaurant in Dorćol specializing in Korean barbecue. Unfortunately, there are no grill tables — only one common. However, the menu includes grilled meats (served with rice, kimchi, and sauces), vegan bibimbap, Korean soy soup, and a unique omelet. You can wash it all down with non-alcoholic soju in cartoonish packaging — available in grapefruit, peach, and strawberry flavors.

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A small Korean spot in New Belgrade offering delivery and takeout. The menu is quite limited but includes all the essentials: kimbap, bibimbap, kimchi stew (gimchi jjigae), Korean dumplings (mandu), and Korean pancakes with various fillings (jeon).

• Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 57 • Instagram

Mi Đa House

Another restaurant combining Korean and Chinese cuisines. Mi Đa House has two locations in the city, both outside the city center, making the prices slightly lower. We recommend the restaurant on Milana Rakića — firstly, it’s larger, the interior is done in soft pastel tones, and it’s well-lit. Here, you can try kimchi with pork, spicy chicken, and grilled beef. But the main must-have dish is the Korean spicy fried squid with zucchini and rice.

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The first and so far only Korean supermarket in Belgrade (it recently opened in Novi Sad as well). Despite the often empty shelves and high prices, you can still enjoy Korean food at K-Food. For instance, you can have instant noodles in their signature bright packaging: the store has set up several tables and a large thermos with hot water. They also offer classic South Korean Ice cups — special cups filled with ice, allowing you to make a refreshing drink right in the store, such as with matcha or banana soy milk.

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Inventive gastronomy in a minimalist restaurant