The Museum of Contemporary Art
Interesting architecture and good exhibitions

Words: Elvira Ibragimova
Photos: Junona Slavina

After many years of reconstruction the Museum of Contemporary Art began to work as a major exhibition space. Sometimes there are blockbuster exhibitions that occupy the entire building, such as an exhibition dedicated to Marina Abramovich, sometimes — several exhibitions at the same time. Even in case there are no right exhibitions to enjoy the museum momentarily it is still worth visiting because of the building itself. It was designed by Ivan Antich and Ivanka Raspopovich. Firstly, the exhibition space itself without partitions inside, connecting several levels, is interesting. Secondly, outside the building looks like a huge crystal. An open-air exhibition of sculptures complements the impression.

Ušće 10 • 


Dobos cake, rum cubes and mignones.

Splav Suvenir

Picturesque view of the river and a huge selection of...