Koordinata Gastronomic attraction of the Zemun market

Words: Sasha Iordanov
Photo: Yunona Slavina

Perhaps the most extravagant restaurant in Belgrade. Inspired by the ideas of the chef Anthony Bourdain, a full gastro-bistro in a modest kiosk in the Zemun market was opened by a young couple — Sarah Biochanin and Stefan Zhivkovich (Sara Biočanin i Stefan Živković). The format is very unusual: cute tables are covered with white tablecloths and located right on the street, two steps away from the shelves with fresh vegetables, fish and meat. The team uses the maximum advantage of the location: the menu is changed several times a year, they try to cook exclusively from seasonal products. The main hit (which is taken to every issue of menu) is a chicken liver with pickled prunes, which is served on fresh brioche

Zemunska Pijaca, Masarikov TRG 17 • Instagram