Where to Find Chinese Cuisine in Belgrade 7 Places with Peking Duck, Hot Pot, and Jiaozi

We have reached one of the most widely represented national cuisines in Belgrade. Chinese food can be found in dozens of city establishments — from luxurious restaurants catering to delegations from China to very small places aimed at the numerous diaspora. Here are seven Chinese restaurants in Belgrade where they prepare authentic Peking Duck, make excellent dumplings, and serve real Chinese tea.

Words: Daniil Korzhuev
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A New Belgrade restaurant located next to the Chinese Cultural Center. The interior of Shangrila is luxurious in a Chinese way: with lamps styled as paper lanterns, elegant Asian screens, and tables designed in classic Chinese style with a rotating center insert so that every guest can help themselves to a bit of everything. The extensive menu can be overwhelming, but the Peking Duck is a must-try — the restaurant takes special pride in it. Seafood lovers will enjoy the excellent jellyfish salad, while vegetarians can savor the signature eggplants with vegetables in a pot and tomato-egg soup. Shangrila also has a second location in Belgrade Waterfront, where Chinese cuisine is paired with modern Japanese dishes.

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A cozy Chinese restaurant in Dorćol with a very pleasant and stylish interior — the only distinctly Chinese elements are the calligraphy on the walls and, of course, the food (which is highly authentic). At Spring, they prepare dishes from both northern Chinese cuisine, such as boiled and fried dumplings (Jiaozi) with pork and beef, and southern cuisine: classic Sichuan dishes like Kung Pao chicken and pork in Yu Xiang sauce. You can also try the popular yang chow fried rice and enjoy genuine Chinese loose-leaf tea — with jasmine, chrysanthemum, and goji berries, as well as milk oolong.

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Huang jia yipin hot pot

On the spacious New Belgrade floating restaurant Huang Jia Yipin Hot Pot, you can experience one of the main culinary inventions of the Chinese — Hot Pot (also known as Chinese fondue). In a large pot divided into several sections, guests are served broth (which can be based on beef or vegetables) and then invited to add various ingredients themselves: meat, seafood, noodles, mushrooms, tofu, and sauces. Each table has a built-in hot pot grill, and as a bonus, there are regular Chinese performances and a stunning view of the Danube.

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Youran Tea House

The main spot for all bubble tea fans in Belgrade. Youran Tea House features a pleasant minimalist interior and stunning Chinese porcelain carefully arranged on wooden shelves. Despite the name, the establishment offers not only Chinese tea but also a selection of Asian dishes: Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese. From the Chinese dishes, we recommend the sour and spicy Chongqing noodle soup, delightful dumplings filled with pork, beef, chicken, and shrimp, as well as impressive salads with seaweed, noodles, and surimi. The tea selection is still the highlight: from green Longjing and black Tangerine tea to various bubble tea options with jasmine, matcha, and mango.

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Good DumplingsX

An unassuming restaurant, or rather a café, near the Branko’s Bridge, Good DumplingsX is the best spot to savor Chinese dumplings. Each standard portion includes 15 dumplings, available boiled, fried, and even frozen, with fillings such as beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables. If that seems insufficient to you, feel free to order one of their soups (which can also include dumplings), like the traditional Szechuan hot and sour soup — you won’t be disappointed.

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X.WANG’s kitchen

A small Chinese café near the Hotel Moskva with a simple yet charming loft-style interior and hearty, authentic food. One of the main advantages is the menu with pictures and large portions (a bowl of soup here is more like a basin). The cuisine is predominantly Southern Chinese — be sure to try the Szechuan beef, accompanied by Chinese smashed cucumber salad or a classic dish like sweet and sour chicken. The café is always bustling with Chinese patrons, which is probably the best recommendation.

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Opened in 1999, Makao is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Belgrade. Unfortunately, the original location near Tašmajdan has closed, and the restaurant is now only in Zemun and Rakovica. Both locations occupy an entire house, and the Rakovica location also boasts a large enclosed terrace with 64 seats. The menu features a wide selection of classic Chinese soups, chicken dishes (including some with bamboo), seafood, and desserts — we naturally choose the fried bananas. We must also mention the main Chinese alcohol, Baijiu, which is, of course, available at Makao, and you have to be careful with it. 

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