The 6 Best Lebanese Cuisine Restaurants in Belgrade Falafel, Hummus, and Shawarma

We continue to talk about the best establishments of national cuisine in Belgrade. This time, we have gathered places with authentic Lebanese cuisine. In our selection: the main spots in Belgrade with shawarma and falafel, a restaurant with sambousek, and a Lebanese bakery where they prepare manoushe flatbreads.

Words: Daniil Korzhuev
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A luxurious restaurant in the city center — with hookahs and Middle Eastern dances on weekends. The largest selection of Lebanese cuisine in Belgrade is here: from fattoush bread salad and hummus to fatteh (layers of pita chips covered with sauce) with eggplant and meat, and sambousek pies — at “Hanan” they make them with beef and pine nuts. Here you can also try dishes from Palestinian cuisine, for example, roasted chicken musakhan. In addition to the main establishment on Svetogorska Street, “Hanan” has three more locations around the city — where they serve Lebanese street food: shawarma and its vegetarian alternatives with falafel.

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A small but stylish establishment with authentic Lebanese street food on the outskirts of Vračar. At “Zein”, they prepare beef and chicken shawarma (you can have a side of hummus with it), as well as falafel — wrapped in lavash or placed in a burger instead of a meat patty. The menu also includes classic Middle Eastern appetizers (called mezze in Lebanon) — here it’s roasted eggplant dip mutabbal and a classic tabbouleh salad made from bulgur and finely chopped parsley.

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An authentic Lebanese bakery in Vračar. The main thing to try here is the wonderful Lebanese flatbreads called manoushe, which are baked in a special oven at very high temperatures for a couple of minutes and served with various fillings. For example, with za’atar — a popular Middle Eastern spice, as well as with meat, hummus, falafel, yogurt dip labneh, and muhammara — a creamy roasted red pepper dip, invented in Aleppo.

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Once the first Lebanese cuisine restaurant in the region, “Byblos” has now transitioned to a format of small street food restaurant with a focus on delivery. “Byblos” can be found in Vračar and New Belgrade — their spaces are small and are suitable only for waiting for your order. On the menu: wrapped in lavash kofta, falafel, chicken, and vegetables — almost always accompanied by hummus inside the flatbread. By the way, you can also enjoy ayran here — a cold savory yogurt-based beverage popular in Central and Western Asia.

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Yalla Yalla Supernaut

Another classic Lebanese street food spot is the small establishment “Yalla Yalla Supernaut” located at Republic Square. The menu offers several types of falafel and shawarma — for example, an interesting variation with spicy harissa sauce and tahini sesame paste. Alternatively, you can choose your own filling for your shawarma or falafel. In addition to this, it’s worth coming here for kibbeh — Levantine dish made of bulgur, and Ottoman style shish tawook kebabs.

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“Ararat”, near the Monument to Vuk Karadžić, combines two Eastern cuisines — Lebanese and Armenian. Here they prepare vegetarian, chicken, and beef shawarma on a plate and in lavash, and you can find hummus to suit any taste — spicy, with falafel, zucchini, eggplant, and even potatoes. There is also a wide selection of flatbreads here — they are filled with cheese, onions, za’atar, tomatoes, and olives.

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Salon 1905

Haute cuisine in a truly luxurious interior