Cveće Zla Very bohemian project in the city center

Words: Sasha Iordanov
Photo: promo

The updated restaurant moved from the doctor to Dorćo, became prettier and now works at the Indigo hotel. The project looks very bohemian: tender light in the evenings, mirrors, white tablecloths, paintings on the walls, a lot of plants. That is something from the decadent times of the beginning of the twentieth century. The menu is perfectly selected in order to accompany a glass of wine or cocktail. Try local tartars prepared in a French manner, grilled cheese with shrimp, the proper humus and home ajvar. The list of main dishes includes homemade pasta with octopus, a wonderful risotto, a burger with a truffle, a calf liver, pljeskavica and ćevapi. It is easy, understandable, but perfectly made.

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Dobos cake, rum cubes and mignones.


Croquembouche and milk dough-rolls in Vrachar (Vračar)