Salon 1905 Haute cuisine in a truly luxurious interior

Words: Sasha Iordanov
Photo: promo

Salon 1905 is definitely one of the most beautiful restaurants in Belgrade: it is located in the Savamala district in the Belgrade Cooperative building, built at the beginning of the twentieth century according to the project of Andra Stevanovich and Nikola Nestorovich. First of all, the restaurant’s space is of an impressive size, it seems that you found yourself in a luxurious palace with vaulted ceilings, marble, curious columns and stucco moldings. White tablecloths, elegant dishes and utensils, impeccable service — everything corresponds to a solemn environment. The restaurant’s kitchen is headed by Russian chef Mikhail Alekhin. Instead of a traditional menu, visitors are offered sets of three, five or seven courses (any of them can be prepared in the vegan version). Food is based on classic Serbian cuisine, interpreted in modernist way: a local Satarash (a variety of lesco) — looks like a French crème brulée, and a simple (outside the restaurant) Kapama roast meat looks as if it is from the paintings of pre-Raphaelites. 

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One of the most beautiful restaurants in New Belgrade