Petkovich (Petković) Fresh croissants and vanillitsa (vanilice) in a century-old cafe

Words: Mila Milojević
Photos: Konstantin Kondrukhov / Mapa Mag

Opened since 1903

In this confectionery literally everything attracts one’s attention: an old wooden showcase, a beige canopy with the name «Petković» on a green background, but first of all, of course, fresh croissants, vanillitsa (shortbread cookies with jam and vanilla – ed. note) and mini-cakes under the glass-bells. And how could it be different, if quality and traditions are older than a century?

In 1903, the confectionery was opened next to “London» (the historical department store, which gave the name to the district – ed. note), but later moved to the corner of Takovskaya and Iliya Garashanin streets. And it still has the ownership of the same family — Petkovich. Quality remains at an enviable level for all these years, no matter how the menu is expanded: if earlier guests could only drink a Boza or lemonade, now they are offered both coffee and hot chocolate.

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