Where to Eat Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Belgrade
16 Verified Cafés, Bars, and Restaurants

There are many establishments in Belgrade specializing in vegetarian and vegan food. Even more places have made sure that those who consciously abstain from consuming animal products have plenty to choose from, beyond basic salads and side dishes. We have prepared a detailed guide to the leading vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafés in the city.

Words: Nadya Samodurova, Daniil Korzhuev
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Cafés and bars

Cafe VeZa

The founder of the vegan café «VeZa» in Dorćol is Jelena Zoe Disić, an activist and animal rights advocate who, along with other activists, established the eco-community Vege Zajednica. Eventually, from this activist movement emerged a whole café with a cozy interior filled with details. The menu here is simple, suitable for a quick lunch, featuring sandwiches with tofu and avocado, bowls with chia and quinoa. Among the beverages are freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, as well as craft beer and coffee. Additionally, you can buy food for your pets here. Magazines from Vege Zajednica are also available in the café, so you can learn about the activist movement in Belgrade while enjoying your meal.

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Rai Urban Vege

Arguably the most Instagrammable location among the vegetarian spots in Belgrade, «Rai Urban Vege» is a very bright café with large windows overlooking a quiet courtyard garden. Adorning the wall above a large couch is the inscription «Sexy Vegan,» which is often photographed by visitors. The menu features a fusion of styles and cuisines from different continents, offering progressive and cosmopolitan food. «Rai Urban Vege» offers plenty of breakfast options, from avocado toast and vegan omelets to bowls and protein pancakes. For a healthy lunch, you can enjoy green curry with broccoli and quinoa, or if you’re craving fast food, there are vegetarian and vegan burgers available. For dessert, they offer cakes with interesting combinations; we recommend trying the vegan mango cheesecake.

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Paradise Food

The restaurant chain «Paradise Food» is represented in several Balkan countries, and the Belgrade branch is located near the Kalenić Market in Vračar. The establishment resembles a cozy, stylish canteen, with the menu typically varying depending on the day of the week. At «Paradise Food», they prepare vegan burgers and meatballs, lasagna and burritos with seitan, and you can also try excellent vegetable quiches and pumpkin soup here. Instead of coffee, they serve chicory — which contains no caffeine.

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Super Donkey

A small café with a charming interior and Instagram-worthy breakfasts located in an alley off Svetogorska Street. Here, you’ll find only a few round tables and a large one for those who want to spend time working. For breakfast or brunch, you can choose options like pesto omelets, avocado toast, or a bowl with acai, pitaya, coconut milk, and almond flakes. For lunch, you can order soup and a daily special, which you can inquire about from the waiter. For desserts, we recommend trying the chocolate cake and banana bread.

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In one of the main bars of Belgrade, a mecca for city hipsters called «Zaokret», besides excellent drinks, there is a large seasonal brunch menu — it is almost entirely made up of vegan and vegetarian dishes. You can choose from classics like shakshuka and granola with Greek yogurt, as well as more interesting options such as a vegetable sandwich with cashew and olive paste, and polenta with a goat cheese mousse.

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Jazza Yoga

«Jazza Yoga» is a small vegetarian bistro located on King Alexander Boulevard (and recently also at the West 65 complex in New Belgrade). The menu features simple dishes that are perfect for a quick lunch or snack. They offer a soup of the day, sandwiches, salads, as well as cakes and cookies. For 150 dinars, you can purchase a box of falafel patties. They also have a wide variety of smoothies and freshly squeezed juices available.

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The only delivery option in our selection, «Moba», bakes their own bread and makes at least some of their plant-based substitutes, such as cheese. Additionally, they stylishly package your order. The menu is large and diverse, ranging from polenta and assorted paté to kebabs and cheesecakes. They also offer burgers — we recommend the one with truffle and сamembert, which includes beets, sun-dried and fermented in koji mushroom spores.



A bistro with an open kitchen near Terazije, combining vegetarian and vegan dishes. The establishment has a pleasant interior — everything here resembles a bar atmosphere, but instead of beer, there is a huge selection of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. The most popular dishes include black burgers made from beets and chickpeas, and vegan lasagna. The bistro is also known for its raw vegan cakes.

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Lime & Carrot

A small salad bar on Resavska Street, at the entrance of which beets grow, giving the place a special charm. On the menu: freshly squeezed juices and a large selection of salads to choose from — with spinach and cheese, with broccoli, rice, and peppers, with lentils, and other hearty ingredients. All salads are sold in convenient boxes — an excellent option to take your order to go.

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In the heart of Old Town lies the vegetarian restaurant «Mayka». It boasts an unusual interior — furniture from different eras and styles, neon lighting, and plenty of whimsical decor (and there are cats here too!). In addition to homemade vegetarian dishes like basic soups and bowls, «Mayka» offers a wide selection of veggie fast food — nuggets, fish and chips, and a falafel burger (served with fries), as well as «TomTom Wraps» — seitan sausage in a tortilla. The restaurant owners present their dishes as Ayurvedic, implying that each dish contains a minimum of six flavors that have a healing effect on the body (evidence-based medicine doesn’t believe in this, but nevertheless).

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Ahimsa Vega-Yoga

Once just a walk-up window with homemade food in Vračar, «Ahimsa» is now a full-fledged vegan restaurant that has relocated to the bustling Dorćol area. The space is spacious and still cozy, with a restrained interior — neat wooden furniture and wallpaper with watercolor flowers. On the menu: buckwheat pancakes, tofu paninis, bowls and soups, as well as Mexican quesadillas with chickpeas, and the local hit — vegan Ćevapi. Most of the ingredients used in Ahimsa dishes are organic.

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«Oliva» is a restaurant in New Belgrade offering vegetarian and vegan food located in the West 65 complex. The interior of «Oliva» is somewhat eclectic — featuring a wall stylized as a piano and a nearby hanging penny-farthing bicycle. On the menu, you’ll find stuffed avocado, mushroom and asparagus risotto in coconut milk, and bolognese with soy flakes. Additionally, they offer a seasonal menu — for example, in the autumn, they prepare pumpkin steak.

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«VegANGELov», a vegan cuisine restaurant on Gospodar Jovanova Street, resembles a classic Belgrade kafana — except for the absence of traditional red-and-white checkered tablecloths. The establishment has two floors — the first floor features a small corner where you can purchase desserts and homemade kombucha. Creator Igor Angelov positions his restaurant as a new direction in healthy eating, with the main ingredients in the dishes being seasonal vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms. They are used to create salads, rolls, pasta, risotto, and curries. In the dessert menu at «VegANGELov», you can find gluten-free banana-chocolate cake and pear cake with white wine, turmeric, and white chocolate.

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Iva New Balkan Cuisine

One of the first modern gastro bistro in Belgrade, also recognized by the Michelin Guide, «Iva New Balkan Cuisine», although it does not have a separate vegetarian menu, pays great attention to all non-meat dishes. By the way, there are many of them here — from walnut paste with confit of cauliflower and crispy buckwheat flour buns, cheese, honey, and walnuts to the truly legendary vegetarian pljeskavica.

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In the Michelin-recommended minimalist restaurant «Homa», in addition to gastronomic sets and modernized Serbian meat specialties, vegetarian dishes are highlighted in a separate category. Among them: fried eggplants with tahini sauce and fermented garlic, muhammara salsa, and papadum chips, a simple vegetable cream soup, and homemade tarragon pasta with fried pumpkin, Pirot cheese, sage, and chestnut.

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Salon 1905

If you’re looking for an unusual food experience, head to «Salon 1905» — where you can enjoy vegetarian food in luxurious interiors dating back to the early 20th century. The foundation of the local cuisine is the classic Serbian cuisine, reinterpreted in a modernist manner. Instead of a traditional menu, guests are offered sets of three, five, or seven course meals — each of which can be requested in a vegetarian or vegan version. All ingredients for the restaurant’s dishes are locally sourced.

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Croquembouche and milk dough-rolls in Vrachar (Vračar)