Where to find Thai cuisine in Belgrade Tom Yum, Tom Kha, and Som Tam

We continue to tell you about the best establishments of national cuisine in Belgrade. This time, we’ve gathered places with authentic Thai cuisine, where you can try Pad Thai noodles and Khao Pad, Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups, as well as mango sticky rice and tapioca.

Words: Daniil Korzhuev
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Tuk Tuk

A cozy Thai restaurant located in one of the villas in Vračar. Tuk Tuk exudes authenticity — with elephants, Buddha statues, and flower pots throughout. The interior of the establishment is simple, but there’s a charming covered terrace with wooden lanterns. On the menu, you can find classic Thai dishes such as Khao Pad noodles (made from jasmine rice) and Pad Thai — with chicken, beef, shrimp, or vegetables. One of the main spicy soups is Tom Kha Kai made with coconut milk, and, for example, fish soufflé Hor Mok Pla. For dessert, you can opt for mango sticky rice or coconut Khanom Tom. By the way, the owner of the establishment — a Thai woman — often serves the guests herself.

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TAO Thai

A small restaurant located on the main street of Vračar — with authentic Thai cuisine and a beautifully decorated interior: ornaments on the walls, neat wooden furniture, miniature Buddhas, and elephants. Here you can try the masterpiece of Thai cuisine — the very spicy Tom Yum Kung with shrimp and mushrooms. Also on the menu is Pad Pak Ruam Mit (stir-fried vegetable mix in coconut milk) and a variety of curries: red, green, yellow. As for noodles, in addition to Pad Thai and Khao Pad, «TAO Thai» serves Pad See Ew — which includes the familiar soy sauce.

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Thai Zone

An authentic Thai cuisine restaurant in New Belgrade — where Buddha adorns even the wallpaper. On the menu: meat and spring rolls, chicken Tom Kha and Tom Yum with shrimp, as well as the most famous salad of the Thai kingdom — Som Tam (based on shredded green papaya, with the addition of dried shrimp or crab). For dessert, tapioca with pomegranate is an excellent choice, and for drinks, we recommend cold Thai iced tea with milk and anise.

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Salon 1905

Haute cuisine in a truly luxurious interior