The Church of St. Sava The largest Orthodox church in the world

Words: Elvira Ibragimova
Photos: Konstantin Kondrukhov

This Belgrade church is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals. The history of its construction began at the end of the 19th century and has not been finished yet. In 1895, 300 years after the holy relics of St. Sava were burned, a society was founded for the needs of construction of the church dedicated to Serbian enlightener and founder of the autocephalous Serbian Orthodox Church. After two architectural competitions and dozens of articles with debates about the appropriate architectural project, the church was laid in 1935. However, only a few meters of walls were built by the Second World War, because the funds for the construction of the cathedral consisted of donations entirely. Only in 1985 the construction was continued, and by our days the interior of the cathedral was almost completed including numerous mosaics, but works are still in progress to improve the territory around the church.

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