Bela Reka High-class Serbian cuisine and own farm

Words: Sasha Iordanov
Photo: promo

Bela Reka has its own farm located in the Homolje Mountains. Almost all meat and dairy delicacies come to the restaurant from there. Therefore, acquaintance with the restaurant’s cuisine should start with them, for example, with goat Gramin cheese, which is served with hot pepper jam, home-made burrata with pickled beets, their own pršut or dry-cured meat of mangulica (special breed of domestic pigs). In general, Bela Reka is an ideal example of a modern Serbian restaurant, where, on the one hand, they pay attention and respect the traditions, and, on the other, subtly feel modern trends. It is no coincidence that the restaurant has been recommended to visit by the well-known Michelin guide for two years in a row.

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