Museum Macura Modernism museum located 23 kilometers from Belgrade

Words: Dasha Gorskova
Photos: Dasha Karetnikova

A private museum located 23 kilometers from Belgrade, Macura Museum brings together avant-garde, modern, and contemporary art, as envisioned by its founder, Vladimir Macura, who has been living in Vienna since the late 90s. Since 2008, his collection has been housed in the village of Novi Banovci, within a minimalist building designed by Belgrade architect Ivan Kućina. Resembling Kubrick’s monolith, the museum is surrounded by a garden and sits on the riverbank: while waiting for the tour to begin, visitors can stroll around or enjoy homemade coffee with a view of the Danube. Macura’s rich collection includes original furniture by Le Corbusier and a plethora of artworks spanning from Zenitism and Yugoslav Dadaism to Russian and Polish Constructivism, minimalism, and works by conceptual artists. Additionally, there is a picturesque kitchen and a room filled with books and rarities from around the world. The museum is open on weekends and during warm seasons, with changing exhibitions featuring items from the collection. Admission is free, but visits must be arranged in advance by phone, and transportation can be arranged by taxi or bus. For example, take bus No. 706 from Zeleni Venac to Batajnica, and then local transport/taxi to the museum.

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