Knez-Mikhail’s street (Knez Mihailova)
Favorite promenade

Words: Elvira Ibragimova
Photo: Konstantin Kondrukhov

Walking along the main pedestrian street of Belgrade it is difficult to believe that until the end of the 1980s it was part of the central arterial road. The beginning of the street is decorated with a monument to an urban specialist Emilian Yosimovich, the author of the Belgrade city center plan created in 1867. He made the layout of the current Knez Mihailova, which actually had not existed as a street in Ottoman Belgrade. Only one building which is older than the street itself has been preserved and stands out from the regular order — that is the former restaurant “Greek Queen” (Grčka Kraljica). However, in Roman times it was the Knez Mihailova that used to be the central street of the Singidunum settlement — the artifacts of that period can be seen under the glass tiles at the entrance to the Rajićeva shopping center and in the window of the passage through the building at Knez Mihailova 30. Knez Mihailova generously rewards those who like to go beyond the parade facades — all over the length of the street secret places can be found — passages, decorated vestibules and murals.


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