Splav Suvenir
Picturesque view of the river and a huge selection of sea fish

Words: Veronika Zagrebaeva
Photo: promo

One of the most famous floating restaurants in Serbia. It is constructed in the style of a Greek fishing cafe, and the menu has a large selection of fish from the Adriatic Sea: from a rare saint-pierre and wolfish to haddock and a sea bite. For a starter you will definitely be offered freshly baked pita bread and Greek olives. In addition, there is a large selection of seafood, for example, a salad with an octopus or grilled shrimps of an impressive size, which may be enough for a full dinner. However, meat is not totally excluded from the menu: guests can order branded pork ribs from the grill or veal baked in a pot. In winter the terrace on the water is closed, but in the main hall the fireplace works, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Novi beograd blok 44, Gandijeva bb  • Instagram


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