7 panoramic restaurants in Belgrade With stunning views of Vračar, the Sava River, and Kalemegdan

Enjoying exquisite dishes and original cocktails is even more pleasant with a beautiful view. Although Belgrade may not be abundant in skyscrapers, there are plenty of places with great views of the city. We’ve gathered the best panoramic restaurants in the capital, where it’s both beautiful and delicious.

Words: Daniil Korzhuev
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The Twenty Two

An author’s cuisine restaurant on the top floor of the Metropol Palace hotel. In the summer, there’s a panoramic terrace where you can spend hours admiring the rooftops of Vračar, enjoying Belgrade sunsets, and the dome of the Temple of Saint Sava. «The Twenty Two» offers exquisite dishes of international cuisine and Serbian specialties prepared by talented chefs using top-quality ingredients. Do not hesitate to order a meat or fish steak and something from the wine list — which, by the way, is excellent here.

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«Langouste», while not traditionally considered a panoramic restaurant, offers perhaps the best view of the Sava River in all of Belgrade — through the treetops, with the opportunity to spot every passing boat. French haute cuisine, which is back in fashion, reigns supreme here: impeccable tartare, fish carpaccio, the famous coq au vin, and luxurious (albeit very expensive) lobster — just part of what makes it worth a visit. By the way, there have been recent changes in «Langouste» — the young chef Marko Djerić, who has previously worked at the Michelin three-starred restaurant «Piazza Duomo» in Alba, has replaced Guillaume Iskandar.

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Kalemegdanska terasa

A restaurant with a century-old history right in the Belgrade Fortress — around it are stunning views of the fortress walls, the blooming Kalemegdan, the Sava, and the Danube rivers. Here they prepare familiar pljeskavica and ćevapi, traditional Serbian appetizers and salads, as well as Leskovac-style uštipci and Smederevo-style perch. Considering the slightly inflated prices, sitting at a table in «Kalemegdanska Terasa», one can easily feel like a tourist.

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Mama Shelter

«Mama Shelter», located on the top floor of the Rajićeva Shopping Center, is not just a hotel but also a restaurant, a bar, and a huge terrace with excellent views of the Old Town, Kalemegdan, and even New Belgrade. Despite the fact that this is the most touristy part of the city, the atmosphere on the terrace is extremely relaxed, mainly due to the boho-style interior. The menu is original and extremely diverse, ranging from hummus and kebabs to meter-long pizzas and brioche with shrimp. Pay special attention to the cocktails — «Mama Shelter» bar offers over ten signature mixes.

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Sky Lounge

A restaurant located on the eighth floor of the Hilton hotel — offering a luxurious view of one of the main squares of the city — Slavija and the surrounding areas of Vračar. The food at «Sky Lounge» is overseen by Thai chef Tong — the menu features a rich selection of Asian cuisine, specifically seafood dishes: crab rolls, tuna carpaccio, and grilled octopus. Additionally, there’s an impressive cocktail menu and excellent desserts available here.

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The View

Another rooftop restaurant, this time at the luxurious Crystal Hotel in Vračar. If you were looking for the best view of the Temple of Saint Sava, you’ll find it here. The menu features dishes of classic European cuisine: simple breakfasts with toast and eggs, pastas, and steaks. The cocktail menu was made for gin and tonic enthusiasts — offering nine types of gin and six different tonics.

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A classic rooftop venue, «Caruso» restaurant is located in the heart of Belgrade on the eighth floor of a building on Terazije. The menu features Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine, while the panoramic windows offer magnificent views of the Hotel Moskva, the Sava River, and the Ada Bridge. It’s best to visit here at sunset — the restaurant’s windows face directly west. One downside is the expanding Waterfront, which increasingly spoils this luxurious view with each passing year.

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Dobos cake, rum cubes and mignones.


Inventive gastronomy in a minimalist restaurant